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Judicial Authorities

The term in this page includes the parties concerned in investigations of judicial authorities.

These are:

  • State Prosecutors
  • Judges
  • Investigating or supporting Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Investigating Courts Experts/Surveyors
  • Courts Experts/Surveyors in court hearings

Aviation Experts investigate, advise or explain technical terms, processes and operations to support these investigations initiated by prosecutors in criminal cases or by plaintiffs or judges in a civil case. Many of these investigations are conducted by court surveyors on behalf of the prosecutor, judge or plaintiff.

ASOA.aero specialists are sworn court surveyors, able to support also in international cases and to train future or active surveyors. Contact ASOA.aero to find out more about how we can support you.

State Prosecution

1. Judicial Investigation to find a guilty party following an occurrence (accident, incident) or

2. Investigation of an act of criminal offense (sabotage, terrorism, murder, fellony, etc)

These investigations often need Aviation Experts to investigate, analyze, advise the State Prosecutors or the Judges at Court in professional/technical questions related to Aviation.

The ASOA.aero network of Aviation Experts is able to support judicial investigations by providing profound knowledge and experience of allmost every field of Aviation, and to perform parts of an investigation.

Another concern is the training of Aviation Experts.

We are looking forward to give you advise or support to your specific request.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Organizations (Police, Flight Police, Police Investigators, Flight Police Officers/Sky Marshalls, Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, Police Special Forces) may be involved in Judicial or Accident (Safety) Investigations, or operate aircraft to perform their duties.

ASOA.aero network of experts is able to advise and support law enforcement agencies in many areas of activities and to train personnel for their duties:

  • Aircraft accident investigations
  • Safety and security on accident sites (health precautions, conservation/preservation of evidence, handling of dangerous goods, etc)
  • Evaluation of the structure and organisation of law enforcement agencies
  • Organisation and manuals for aircraft operators (flight police units, coast guard)
  • Special OPS training on several types of aircraft (please specify your operation and type of aircraft)
  • Training in FLT OPS, GND OPS, QS/SMS/SQMS, Risk Assessment, Aviation Physiology/Human Factors/Human Performance Limitations, Professional Behaviour, Crew Resource Management, Air Cargo, Dangerous Goods, Procedures and Performance in investigations and operations

Courts Experts/Surveyors

Courts Experts/Surveyors are an important part of judicial proceedings. They advise in criminal and civil cases and investigate on behalf of judicial authorities and insurers or liquidators. The main activities for Aviation Experts in judicial cases are in the fields of:

  • Aviation (including Accident Investigation)
  • Aircraft
  • Sports Aviation
  • Aviation Engineering

ASOA.aero has a network of sworn courts experts that are able to support judicial cases, even in an international environment.


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