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Commercial Operators

Safety Oversight has become the most important duty not only for Aviation Authorities, but for every stakeholder of the Aviation Industry. Safety Oversight does not end at Authority level, but continous with the Safety Management of every stakeholder. A vital role have commercial operators, airlines, business jet operators, helicopter operators, small commercial aircraft operators, even aircraft operators without an AOC (Aircraft Operator Certificate) and flying clubs are now required to demonstrate how they manage the safe operation of their aircraft.

Safety Oversight includes regulatory requirements, the monitoring of the safety performance of organizations and Authorities, and the companies measures to manage the safe operation of aircraft by means of a performance based Safety Management and Safety Performance Monitoring. The necessary processes and tasks of the establishment and the maintenance of a functioning Safety Management System are a time-consuming workload that can be outsourced to experienced managers and auditors. is able to set up a SMS suitable to your organization and type of operation, even on a contract basis, if applicable. The following services are available:

  • Establishment of a Quality and a Safety Management System, or a combined and integrated Safety and Quality Management System (SQMS for all departments of your organization)
  • Audits and Inspections according to your QS/SMS/SQMS
  • Pre-audits to IOSA audits
  • Q and S parts of your Operation Manual (ICAO Annex 6/Reg (EC) 859/2008: OM-A Chapter 3 or separate SMM)
  • Emergency Response Planning (OM-A Chapter 11)
  • Family Assistance (as part of ERP or separate manual)/Disaster Assistance
  • Evaluation of compliance with regulations and standards (SARPs), structure and organisation
  • Set-up of an additional cargo operation, with or without transport of dangerous goods
  • Transport of Special Cargo (live animals, explosives, infectious substances, radioactive substances, temperature sensitive cargo, perishable goods)
  • Health precautions for on-board crew members
  • Security issues (OM-A Chapter 10, security of crew members, airport security)

Training Organizations

Safety Management and training how to establish a safe environment and operation is an important function for Training Organizations, with a heavy responsibility as character-forming institution for adult education. specialists have a big interest in promoting the effectiveness of training in Aviation. Basic Pilot training and ways how to organise a safety awareness training is one of our major concerns.

Another specialisation is the implementation of an SMS appropriate to the ATO.

These are the critical elements of an ATO’s Safety Management System:

  1. Compliance with Legislation
  2. Compliance with Operating Standards
  3. Structure and Organisation
  4. Quality System
  5. Safety Management System (including reporting system, risk management and occurrence management)
  6. Staff Training

Design Organizations, Aircraft Manufacturers, Maintenance Organizations assists organizations with the release of qualified experts on site. Our experts are able to work for your organization for a period of time or part-time, in order to assure a faster implementation of an Safety Management System or to train your staff.

For training inquiries please contact us via

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