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Aviation insurances provide coverage for ground hull and in-flight losses as well as liability for passenger injuries, environmental and third-party damage caused by aircraft accidents or incidents (occurrences subject to mandatory reporting), and coverage for aircraft operators (fleet policies), pilot associations/flying clubs and their members (third party and passenger liability insurances).

Insurers often use the knowledge and expertise of Aviation Experts as insurance/claims adjusters to

  • Analyze accident statistics
  • Assess damages
  • Value aircraft and parts
  • Analyze accident/safety reports
  • Determine the extent of the insurer´s liability
  • Prepare damage reports
  • Communicate with policy holders
  • etc

ASOA.aero has a network of specialists in many fields of Aviation that are able to support insurers.


Liquidators are responsible for collecting in all of the assets of a company and settling claims against the company before putting the company into  dissolution.

When dealing with aviation companies they often need the expertise of an Aviation Expert to

  • Assess and value aircraft and parts
  • Assess and value aviation companies
  • Evaluate company operations and resources
  • Communicate with claimants
  • etc
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